4341 Ontario Street Beamsville, Ontario, L0R 1B0.


Serving Grimsby, Lincoln, West Lincoln and Niagara-On-The Lake

A new group of Migrant Farm Workers are arriving in our

communities working in the green houses to grow our

vegetables and flowers. Many have never experienced a

Canadian winter and probably will not enjoy it until they

adapt to the cold. We can help with this through donations of

used clothing (in small or medium sizes).

We also provide welcome kits, the cost is approximately

$35.00 each, so donations are welcome for those as well.

Clothing needs: Welcome Kits:

coats Disposable Razors

sweaters Body Wash/soap

toques Shampoo

fleeces Deodorant

winter boots Tooth paste/brushes

gloves Toilet Paper

other cold weather gear Hand cream

warm blankets Tylenol

Shaving cream

Any cash donations should be directed to St. Alban’s

Anglican Church Kits and Clothing and will be used to

purchase items from local vendors including Thrift stores.

For more information or to help, contact

Caron Edwards, 905-563-4753 caron.edwards@sympatico.ca