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The Beginnings

It must be in the neighbourhood of 80 years since the question of forming a parish arose.

A few staunch Anglicans from Ireland and England and some families of

pioneer Canadians met together to see what could be done.

These families previously attended the neighbouring church in Grimsby, then a Rev. Piper, who later became Canon Piper, was appointed by the Bishop to visit the people in Beamsville to find out what could be done and if the members who had been attending other churches could meet together to make arrangements to hold services in different homes. Considerable interest was shown and before long the number attending grew too large to be accommodated in private homes so the "Town Hall" was rented for the services.

In those days, the seats in the town hall were built higher toward the back and I can remember as a small child being more interested in walking up and down the steps than in the service. Eight or ten families were attending at that time so they felt plans could be made to start a church fund.


In 1886 the Rev. Fred Piper was named Rector of Smithville where a church had been built in 1885 and a clergy house was built in the same year next to the church. He also had charge of Wellandport and Beamsville being the first rector of the newly established mission of Beamsville. This connection between Smithville and Beamsville continued to the end of the Rev.J.C.Munson's ministry in 1898.